Draft Guidelines on Management and Maintenance of Swimming Pools in the Local Authority Area

Swimming pool is a structure built to be filled with water and used for swimming, sport or other water activities. Most public swimming pools are managed by Local Authorities (PBTs) and private swimming pools are operated by the owner of premises or business. The safety and health issues in the swimming pool are often the main headlines in the mass media with the perception that water quality and consumer safety are not controlled by any party or ministry. Hence, this guideline is prepared by the Local Government Department (JKT) under the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT) aimed to assist the Local Authorities and other relevant parties in the management of the swimming pool to minimize the safety and public health risks. All the requirements in relation to hygiene, safety and health issues should be emphasized and provided at the early perception and design stage of a swimming pool facility by adopting these guidelines. In this regard, the Local Government Department welcomes feedback from stakeholders and the public to improve the Guidelines on Management and Maintenance of Swimming Pools in Local Authorities. Contact Officer: Pn Norhidayah Binti Jamaludin - norhidayah.j@kpkt.gov.my (03 - 88913314) Pn Massuri Binti Sabri - massuri@kpkt.gov.my (03 - 88913357) Thank you.


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